What is Editing with Calvin? 

Editing with Calvin is a one-on-one photo editing training session. In each session, you will learn your way around Phtoshop...starting from learning of the layers and tools, to professional skin editing/retouching....EVEN creative editing!

What comes with registration?

The registration price of $200 includes (2) 1 hour sessions. After your (2) initial sessions, Calvin will give you an assessment of how much training he feels you need, and will set up a custom training schedule for you based on your needs and availability.

What do I need in order to qualify?

- A Laptop (with Photoshop CS5 or higher downloaded onto it).

- Willingness to learn and grow!

How do I register?

To register for Editing with Calvin (or even to ask any questions you have), fill out the contact form below and I will get right back with you!

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